Videos - Employer Advice

Surviving a Challenging Job Market

Learn how to get noticed in your job search.

Making the most of every opportunity.

Connecting with decision makers and getting responses to your emails.
The Interview
Creating a positive impression during and after the interview.
The Government Sector
Discover the differences in working in the public sector versus the private sector.

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Career Fair Advice

Employers representing a variety of industries talk about how to stand out at a career fair.


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Career Advice, Finding the Fit, Standing Out

Members of the UNLV William F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration International Advisory Board cover these topics applicable to students in any field.

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You need to be prepared in every way for your next interview. Find out what employers are looking for in these videos.

Calum Pearson
Marketing Your College Experience
Francine Mazza
First Impressions
Shirelle Richter
Career Goals
Cass Palmer
Meal Interviews
Sharon Brady-McKoy
Research the Organization

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